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Hotmail Free fax to email

Q: Where do I sign up for a free fax to email number for Hotmail?
A: To sign up for a free fax to email number is easy, visit and follow the steps.

Q: How long does it take before I can receive faxes for Hotmail?
A: You can start using the free fax to email service right away, it will take you 60 seconds to sign up, if you type normally. No longer than one minute. All we need is your name, phone number and email address, it is that easy!

Step by step on how to sign up to set up your Hotmail fax to email

What you need before you start : A hotmail email account. Hotmail is owned by Microsoft.

What you would like to get: Your own personal free hotmail fax number!

  1. In the form outlined in red above: type in your full name, phone number and your facebook email address (
  2. Click the "Create My number.." button

Free fax number
Sample screen shot

  1. Done! Look at the area marked in green in the example above, this is where your personal free fax to email number appears.
  2. You will now receive your very first free test fax in your email automatically.

Setting up your hotmail account to receive the 086 emailed faxes

  1. Look for your first free fax in your Messages (inbox), the sender is fax [at] myfaxservice [dot] co [dot] za
  2. If you fail to see the fax in your messages, click "Junk" and look for the email in there.

  3. Click the email to view it, a warning is displayed as shown below. Click "Wait, it's safe!"

    Hotmail safe
  4. At the top of the message, click "Add to contacts"

    Hotmail fax to email

  5. Done! Your faxes will now always appear in your Inbox!

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