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  • Fax2Email is FREE for the recipient!
  • Instant fax to email - complete the short form on the left and your 086 fax number will be up and ready to use as soon as you hit the send button.
  • Works with all email accounts including Facebook, Hotmail, Gmail and Yahoo!
  • Get an 086 fax number for life*
  • Receive your faxes as an attachment in your email
  • Your fax number moves with you
  • Receive your South African faxes anywhere in the world*
  • Eco-friendly - No paper is required to receive faxes*
  • Our Free Fax2email service saves you time and money*
  • No more missing paper faxes
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Manual Fax to email number generator.

Temporary technical issue: The automatic fax number generator is offline. Please complete the form below to receive a fax number by email.

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How does free fax to email work?
  • The sender faxes his/her document to your free 086 fax to email number
  • The Fax2Email service converts the fax into a TIFF or PDF document
  • You receive the fax in your email as an attachment
  • You may now save, print or forward the fax, just like any other normal email

Apply for a free fax2email number

Apply for a free fax to email number.

Immediate activation of your fax2email number.

Your fax number is activated immediately when the server is running, we apologise about the inconvenience this causes. We will manually activate your number as soon as we can.

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