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I cannot receive my faxes in my email - Solution

We offer the best support in South Africa for fax to email and if you are listed with us, we will do our best to get your fax number working. You will be sent a test fax.

If you fail to receive the test fax, we will assist you in resolving the issue as quickly as possible. We will receive reports on our servers to see if your email is being blocked or if another problem exists, at Telkom for example.

Quick solutions if you have boxbe or mailmarshal: These are bad for fax for emails, disable these or whitelist the faxtoemail email address.

If you use a free email account, the set up for Gmail,, Yahoo! and Facebook are found below. You may use these steps for other free email accounts too.
  1. Wait 20 minutes: Before starting to look for a solution to your problem, please make sure you have given sufficient time for the fax to get to your mailbox, faxes may take up to 20 minutes at busy times. Wait 20 minutes after a fax has been sent.
  2. The fax number is wrong: Check that the fax number is correct.
  3. Mailbox is full:Check that your mailbox is not full.
  4. Your clients get OK reports but you do not receive faxes: Check your spam box
    Check that you have "white-listed" the fax-to-email service email address in your email program. You can do this in some programs by adding the email address fax @ sisha . net to your contact list / address book
  5. Server side block on attachments: Check with your email service provider, or with your company's IT department, to see that the emails are not being blocked at the server for including attachments such an images, pdf files or due to their large size. Some companies have firewalls and may have "mailmarshal" that blocks images and stop large emails. If you have gmail or yahoo, add the fax's email address to your contact list!
  6. Boxbe: If you use BOXBE, be sure to whitelist our email address
  7. Once these have been checked, check to see who your fax2email service provider is, and contact them to resend you a test email, or to check their logs of incoming faxes. We cater for a large range of fax numbers. You may check if your number has been listed with us here.
  8. Company policies If your company has a policy that refuses to unblock the faxes:
    - Create a free gmail email account
    - Call or email the fax service provider to change your email address to the new email
Setup instructions for free email accounts.

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